Fiona 2.0 planning

Sean Gillies

Hi all,

Without a lot of preamble, I'll get right to it: I think that a change to Fiona to make WKT the canonical representation of a coordinate reference system, as made in Rasterio 1.0.15, will have a bigger negative impact on Fiona-using projects like Geopandas than we have seen in the Rasterio "ecosystem". Instead of overhauling Fiona's CRS class in 1.9, I'd like to propose doing it in a 2.0 along with dropping support for Python 2 and dropping support for GDAL versions < 2.0 – and also getting right on this and releasing a 2.0.0 by the end of July.

I'd love to get some early feedback on this idea. Yes? No? Do you see anything else that might be easily done in a new backwards-incompatible version? I'm eager to read what you have to share and grateful that you've signed up for the discussion.

Sean Gillies

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