Re: Fiona 2.0 planning

Joris Van den Bossche

Sounds good to me as well!
I personally think the impact on GeoPandas will be quite OK (I need to review your PR ..), since we will have a way to fow now keep the dict representation, or at some point to move to the pyproj CRS class. But anyway, doing this change for fiona itself in a major version, sounds like a good idea (as well as dropping python 2).

Another topic I am interested in is the performance (column-based retrieval and/or more efficient representation of records, and I might have some time to look at that in April / May. But those should certainly not need any breaking changes.


Op di 26 mrt. 2019 om 23:15 schreef Joshua Arnott <snorfalorpagus@...>:

Sounds good to me. I can't see any other obvious breaking changes in the backlog.

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