Re: How do I filter 3D data using a 2D shape?

Sean Gillies


I haven't seen a spec for spatial filtering of 3D geometries in OGR. For all I know, drivers might differ in how a 2D filter geom gets broadcast or stretched to 3D, or in how 3D features are flattened to 2D for filtering. And since I don't work with building data, I can't report on how other format drivers behave.

Would you be willing to try spatial filtering with GDAL's ogr2ogr tool to see if it behaves differently from Fiona? For what it is worth, ogr2ogr only supports 2D spatial filters:

On Sat, Nov 27, 2021 at 1:27 AM Johan Tibell <johan.tibell@...> wrote:
I'm readingĀ, which is in the "ESRI File Geodatabase (MultiPatch Features)" format.

Sean, to start, is filtering 3D using a 2D filter supposed to work?

Sean Gillies

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