Re: drvsupport // enabled drivers

Magnus Hoffmann

Hi Sean,

thanks for the reply. Makes more sense to me now. I do have a follow up question: What exactly does dependence on Xerces means in practice and where can i verify the build i'm using? I'm quite unfamiliar with wheels and still working through the gdal documentation.
I used Fiona & geopandas (and thus gdal) from the anaconda forge channel and had no issue there. Jorisvandenbosche was 80% sure that even the main anaconda main channel would provide the build including (what is even the right term here?) Xerces.
Actually, i come from geopandas, where i was asking sort of the same question. I'm working on an addition to the documentation there. At least for me the route to Fiona was via geopandas. I will work on a pull request here once i'm done. I reckon pull request should be regarding an update to the documentation?


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