Re: How to import GDAL embedded in new Fiona wheels


I'm gratefull for the comments, though I'm still lost.

It does not help that Fiona's homepage (on pypi) seems out of date (for instance, last test I did on windows, everything went fine with only a "pip install Fiona", including using other packages like rasterstats). Should I raise an issue on Github or do I have it all wrong (I'm still not clear on what is embedded in Fiona wheels) ?

In any case, I'd say that those remarks about building from source when requiring both osgeo and fiona needs to be stated in documentation. I mean by that that people using Fiona are prone to use other packages built on GDAL. (I suspect it also means I can't build a package with poetry if both GDAL and Fiona are required.)

And to sum it up regarding to my first question: so there is no way to change those packages to substitute a Fiona dependency rather than an osgeo call ?

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