Re: How to import GDAL embedded in new Fiona wheels

Sean Gillies


On Tue, Nov 29, 2022 at 3:27 AM <tgrandje@...> wrote:

So when Fiona's release states that 1.9a3 wheels "include GDAL 3.5.2, PROJ 9.0.1, and GEOS 3.11.0", what do they really include? The C++ core of GDAL?

Correct. Fiona's wheels contain a GDAL shared library (libgdal.dll or .so or .dylib) and its own library dependencies (libproj, etc). By GDAL, we mean the C library. I don't think this is inaccurate. I don't see that it's completely natural to assume that fiona imports osgeo.gdal. There are no such imports anywhere in the code and no instructions in the project to install the osgeo.gdal package.

I mean if I have to reinstall the GDAL package (which I allready tried, but ended in another error, possibly linked to a misconfiguration of virtual environement), won't I end up with two GDAL cores? How can that be a good solution?

It's not a great solution, I agree, and not only because you'll have two copies of libgdal. The Fiona project is not promoting it as a solution at all. In, I've warned users against this and I should probably do the same for Fiona to make it more clear. Would that help?

(Note that I'm not critical of Fiona including GDAL; I'm 100% gratefull for it as it was my major trouble for switching between linux and windows)

Sean Gillies

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