Re: fiona.transform.transform - different behavior based on GDAL version

Joshua Arnott

Hi Caleb,

I can reproduce your issue with the master branch on Travis by adding a test based on the code you provided.

Please can you raise an issue on GitHub for this? Include your examples.

There are a few places this problem could be coming from as it involves the interaction with Fiona, GDAL and PROJ.


On Tue, 14 Jul 2020 at 20:32, <calebrob6@...> wrote:
Hi all,

I'm observing different behavior from fiona.transform.transform based on the underlying gdal version. 

Steps to reproduce
conda create --name test python gdal fiona # this installs gdal 3.0.2 and fiona 1.8.13.post1
conda activate test
>>> import fiona.transform
>>> fiona.transform.transform("epsg:4326", "epsg:3857", [-75.71], [38.06])
([4236819.819591993], [-13244913.18166699])

If I switch the lat/lon position then I get the correct result (
>>> fiona.transform.transform("epsg:4326", "epsg:3857", [38.06], [-75.71])
([-8427998.647958742], [4587905.271362515])

If I instead do the conda install with a gdal version less than 3 I get the expected result:
conda create --name test2 python "gdal<3" fiona # this installs gdal 2.3.3 and fiona 1.8.4
conda activate test2
>>> fiona.transform.transform("epsg:4326", "epsg:3857", [-75.71], [38.06])
([-8427998.647958742], [4587905.27136252])

Is this known / should I open an Issue on github?


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