Re: installing Fiona and conflicting instillation information for Windows

Eyal Saiet

Hello Rene,
thanks for responding to my post. The required packages were installed prior to the Fiona installation attempt. I have used gohlk's wheels sucecffuley many times installing the rasterio. My guess is I am lost on what the path and other variables should be.  But also the in the wheel is having trouble.

I just discovered for the first time  (thanks to your link) that there are official Fiona wheels, but none are for Windows.

Can you explain to me the logic of the path variables and if needed what other variables do I need to setup in the Environment Variable?

On Sat, Nov 21, 2020 at 12:46 PM René Buffat <buffat@...> wrote:
The wheels from are not created by the Fiona project and thus we can no support them here.

In general, the install instructions from this site should be followed.  E.g. regarding Visual C++ Redistributable, package dependencies etc. If e.g., it says that a package requires a dependency, this dependency should be installed before. With gohlke's wheels, both the rasterio and fiona packages require the gdal package (this is not the case for the wheels provided by the Fiona project over pypi). Make sure that the packages are installed simultaneously. E.g. if fiona should be updated, it is very likely that also the gdal package must be updated beforehand (respectively all other packages that depend on the gdal package). 


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