Attempting to find version of GDAL installed

Orry Messer

Good day,


I am attempting to debug a problem I have while installing Fiona within a Docker container. Apologies if my understanding is a bit shaky – I’m very new to this.

Essentially, I am trying to understand the relationship between GDAL and Fiona. It stems from a problem to do with specifying GDAL API version in a fresh install (either by using gdal-config or GDAL_CONFIG environment variable).

I currently have a working container, with Fiona installed. However, I do not understand how it got to this state.

When I import Fiona in python, 

>>> import fiona

And then run 

>>> fiona.gdal_version

I get: GDALVersion(major=2, minor=3, revision=2).

To me, it seems that GDAL is installed within this container. However, I cannot find it anywhere in this container. Is there a way to ascertain the path Fiona is pointing to?





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