Re: Attempting to find version of GDAL installed

Sean Gillies

Hi Orry,

No need to apologise for asking, the fiona and GDAL software stack is complicated. 

The fiona packages on PyPI include their own copies of GDAL and its dependencies, so you may be detecting that one. One way to know for sure is to use (on Linux) the LD_DEBUG environment variable.

LD_DEBUG=all python -c "import fiona"

will dump a wall of text into your terminal and if you scan it for libgdal, you'll see the path of the shared library that fiona links.

On Thu, Mar 4, 2021, 7:27 AM Orry Messer <orry@...> wrote:

Good day,


I am attempting to debug a problem I have while installing Fiona within a Docker container. Apologies if my understanding is a bit shaky – I’m very new to this.

Essentially, I am trying to understand the relationship between GDAL and Fiona. It stems from a problem to do with specifying GDAL API version in a fresh install (either by using gdal-config or GDAL_CONFIG environment variable).

I currently have a working container, with Fiona installed. However, I do not understand how it got to this state.

When I import Fiona in python, 

>>> import fiona

And then run 

>>> fiona.gdal_version

I get: GDALVersion(major=2, minor=3, revision=2).

To me, it seems that GDAL is installed within this container. However, I cannot find it anywhere in this container. Is there a way to ascertain the path Fiona is pointing to?





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