Can Fiona recognize the AWS_PROFILE variable?

René Buffat

I never used Fiona with AWS, but I suppose this is mainly dependent if GDAL supports it. GDALs issue tracker seems to contain a relevant entry:
This issue was fixed with GDAL 3.2.0:

How to set credentials in Fiona is described here:

Tim Hopper

The AWS CLI, Pandas, and other tools recognize the AWS_PROFILE variable to indicate where to find credentials for accessing AWS resources (e.g. S3).

My testing of Geopandas indicates that Fiona doesn’t recognize this environmental variable. Is this correct?

Is there any alternative way to get Geopandas/Fiona to discover specific AWS from a file? My code, as of now, works with an attached IAM role on an EC2 instance, but I can’t run it locally with credentials.

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